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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Serious Injury Crash Involving KCFD in South KC-MO

Around 1:45 p.m.- a crash has occurred "just east of (Fire Station) 42's" on Red Bridge Road- approximately the 6000 block East.

KC-MO Fire department pumper company- "Pumper 1-" was filling-in for Pumper 42 and had just responded on another emergency medical call when Pumper 1 reported the crash.

Three ambulances were requested- as well as KCP&L and "extrication" for a firefighter and occupants of the crashed vehicles.

Pumper 1 apparently crashed nearly head-on with another vehicle- then the fire truck took out a power pole and crashed into a tree.

UPDATE- 2:15 CST:  EMS has transported "a 46-year-old male" firefighter- "the driver" of Pumper 1-  with "a partially amputated" leg in serious condition to a hospital from the scene of this crash.

The crash involved a vehicle that crashed into the front of Pumper 1 and there was "a female" and a child who was in the vehicle that crashed into the fire truck.

That female was apparently not severely injured- and was to be transported to another medical facility.

A "3-year-old female" child was also in the woman's vehicle- "seated behind" the driver.

Although a paramedic reports that child's injuries to be minor- she was being transported to a hospital "as a precaution."

Pumper 1 was damaged to such an extent that a "reserve" truck is needed to replace Pumper 1's apparatus.


the observer said...

Oh, dear. I didn't know it wasn't 42's--they are already on a reserve pumper! (I passed by the house last night on the way to Ruskin to watch the basketball game and noted RP1 in the house.)

Prayers for the firefighter injured in the crash--sounds like a career threatening injury if not a life threatening situation.

Groucho K. Marx said...

I believe 42's was at some FD training class at 26's- 99th & Holmes- when P-1 crashed.

Dispatch had to pull some of those companies out to run the wreck.

Look at the TV news vids of P-1 when you get a chance- terrible.

And yes- def. a career-ending injury to the driver.

Wonder too if all were seat-belted. I ALWAYS did (if the rig had them) even in the late 70's.

Peace T.O....


Groucho K. Marx said...

Oops- that s/b 36's not 26's on Holmes...

the observer said...

Oh I now have seen the pictures--the driver's area took the brunt of the impact. I would imagine it could be the FF's left foot most impacted.

BTW, I knew what you meant--99th and Holmes, the new fire house--is 36's. Your brain said "3" and your fingers said "2"!!


Anonymous said...

That engine from 42 hit that school bus last week. Bummer.