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Friday, February 18, 2011

Republicrats Threaten To Return America Back To The Early 20th Century

Republicrats are the party of Lincoln- a man who would be turning in his grave to see what the early 21st Century version is up to lately...

Washington Republicrats have blocked the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating so-called 'greenhouse gasses.'

This will open to way for more coal-fired power plants (like the one Kansas Republicrats approved near Holcomb) that spew mercury into our atmosphere and produce acid rain.

Wisconsin Republicrats would cripple the rights of public employee unions- and literally thousands of that state's citizens have taken to the streets and the state capitol in Madison to protest.

Speaking of Kansas Republicrats- rather that dedicate themselves full-tilt to the state's budget crisis- their spending they're time trying again to regulate women's bodies regarding abortions.

As a 'Social Libertarian' independent- I truly believe what my Grandpa Spaulding said and it's being backed-up by their actions: Republicrats are for Big-business (Bush-era Wall Street bailouts) and are anti-labor- the Party of WASPs.

They don't give a DAMN about middle or lower-income Americans.

God save us all!


Anonymous said...

Ok Capt so what is the game plan?

Groucho K. Marx said...

I have all kinds of ideas Superdave- here are some...

Income tax: Eliminate ALL the tax for those making below say $18-20k a year- with a incremnetal scale based on increasing income amounts.

Marijuana: Legalize it and tax it.

Give The People hope (perhaps a few of these ideas of mine)- maybe they'll ease off the dope (booze- etc).

Regardless- The government has NO BUSINESS telling us what we can and can't freely put into our OWN bodies!

Social Security: The money goes INTO the fund- perhaps reinvested- and the Feds nor anyone else can raid it and leave IOUs.

Defense budget: BIG cuts here- get the REST of the Free World to help us police everybody.

And take REAL care of those who DO serve this country instead of patriotic lip service.

Fuel additives (ethanol): Quit the insanity of using food crops to make alternative fuels.

It takes MORE enery to make ethanol with corn that ethanol produces! How stupid is THAT?

Corporations: NO tax breaks- local- state OR Federal issued for any business to build or relocate anywhere in America.

Increase tax rates or penalities for those corporations who move jobs from America.

Energy: Put this country on a program- like Kennedy did for space exploration- for clean- sustainable energy sources- wind- solar and new technology to store power.

Imagine solar panels built into roofing materials- roof vents/turbines that produce power as they sit there spinning- etc..

Education- education- education!

Let's trade a free education for like years of public service in the various diplomaed disiplines.

Let's have a Super Bowl for brains as well as brawn!

I could go on- and some wish I would ... just go.


Anonymous said...

Well my blogging friend I do have to say I really agree with you on about everything. Some of it I will let my words and thoughts explain.

Income Tax: I say eliminate all federal income tax as we know it today. Instead we have a federal sales tax. This tax applies to all goods but raw food products that the consumer purchases at the local business selling these items. A restaurant will charge a tax but a smaller portion than the national average tax on food items only. All other items that we the consumers buy will have a nation tax in all states on everything we purchase for our use. When I say everything I mean everything. I have really gave this a lot of thought over the years and have this all broke down more than I have room in here to explain it all.

Marijuana: I agree, have each state deal with it but the laws the same in all states just the taxing and monitoring of it done on the state level. But the growing of it still has to be a controlled process in short still not legal to grow one’s own stash.

Hope: I agree with this as well. If you want to be a smoker then by all means do so but at same time you need to shoulder some responsibility as well for doing so. Which to me means you can’t sue or your family can not sue someone later because you chose to smoke, drink, or do whatever to yourself. But still a few things should be worked out in the area law wise for it to be fair for everyone.

Social Security: This would still be the only deduction taken from ones check every week and self-employed people as well is required to pay. There are some areas of Social Security that needs major revamping in my eyes.

Defense: I agree as well our real heroes are our vets

Ethanol: Whoever had this brainless thought sure sold America on it. And it saddens me to think America was stupid enough to fall for it.

Corporations: This insanity has to stop at once and not be allowed at all.

Corporations Tax: This would fall under the tax ideas I have talked about here as well. Sure they can go overseas all they want for goods to be made but going to pay a tax on it before it can be unloaded in any state

Energy: When it comes to energy we are the biggest idiots in the world about it. We have all this technology in our hands to do things and we do nothing. Wind energy is a great form of energy but nope someone just one person whines about a windmill ruining the view and the plan is halted.

Education: Education as a rule in my book anymore is a joke. Grade school more or less looks and is operated like a day care center to me anymore. Middle school along with high school I have no idea what happens there anymore I just see the results and sorry to say I am not impressed at all. And this no one is left behind rule is stupid. Everyone deserves a chance yes and no one should be picked on but at same time our kids have figured out how to get out of doing things and that’s not what an education is about. An education is about working at trying to be the best one can be. If a child fails well then they fail and are held back a grade no if and or buts about it. Do not abuse our children but at same time punish our children as needed. Time out is a joke and all you have to do is look at our schools today to figure that one out. Parents! Your children are kids who need your support, your teachings, and your love, but stop trying to be their best friend. Be a parent and let other kids be your child’s best friend. Use discipline as needed to show your children how breaking the rules are not the way to be in life.

Super Bowl for brains: Good idea and hand out awards for good working ideas. And I mean great rewards for good working ideas