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Friday, September 24, 2010

Absolutely Fed-Up With KC-MO's Elected Officials

During Thursday's 3-ring circus at City Hall known as the weekly 'clowncil' meeting- you may note the fact that the corporate welfare was QUICKLY approved for that bunch of non-consumer-product-producing insurance people threatening to move their 400+ employees elsewhere.

Nope- no holding THAT for further study although opponents of the earnings tax surely will.

Then there was the item on the clowncil's docket to approve city pensions for the former M.A.S.T.-EMS employees.

These pensions were PROMISED by either the clowncil or the fire union- no one seems to know exactly WHO promised (lied-to) those employees that if they would just WILLINGLY be folded into the fire department all would be hunky-dory.

This pension docket item was held by those elected officials "for (future rejection) further study."

So- by their actions- we get a pretty good idea of where the Mayor and clowncil's priorities lie- and they're NOT the city employees- not even .

Like the citizens' needs are secondary when the clowncil approves sending $2-mil to the pro sports playpens when things like water mains are breaking so often the city has to hire private contractors to keep pace.

Don't worry- the city can use the INCREASED WATER & SEWER RATES imposed on it's citizens to pay for these expensive outside contractors so the Water Dept. employees can get some MUCH NEEDED REST (see WD employees sleeping on the job).

I'm hoping (unrealistically) none of these clowncil people nor the Mayor try running for further political offices- for their opponents would have a field day pointing out just how BAD the imcumbants really are.

Vote these clowns back in and we can change this city's name to Detroit 'cause that's the city we're going to be looking like.


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