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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here We Go Again- Another Risk of Severe Storms- Heavy Rains Later Today For Metro K.C.

The risk is "slight-" but exists nonetheless for severe thunderstorms and heavy- possibly excessive rains for Metro Kansas City as well as about the northern half of the MetroRegion later today and overnight into early Friday morning.

The primary severe risk is for possible damaging thunderstorm wind gusts- with a lesser chance of large hail and near-neglible tornado chances.

There's also a "slight risk" for excessive rainfalls- and that's problematic for areas that have received anywhere from 3 to 7-inches of rain in the past week- especially north of the river and eastern Independence-Blue Springs areas.

As always- I'll let you know if and when any severe storm watches are issued here at commercial and porn-free CSW....

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