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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KC-MO City 'Clowncil' Move PROVES E-Tax is Bad for Business

The City Clowncil is scared to death that Missouri voters will kill their 'Golden Goose-' i.e. the Earnings Tax.

Yet- in a move designed to further anger ordinary taxpayers tired of continued KC-MO corporate giveaways of tax dollars- 'clowncil' members are actually about to approve an ordinance that will "give back 50% of all E-tax paid" if one business keeps it's office in KC-MO instead of moving to Kansas- according to this story from the KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR.

In other words- the 'Clowncil' by this very action admits that the E-tax is BAD for business in KC-MO..

Now- all they have to do with THIS MOVE is to convince not-so-well-off-economically  voters to continue to tax themselves while the city continues to give well-to-do corporations tax breaks.... 


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