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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Chances of Severe Storms- Excessive Rainfalls Later Today in K.C. MetroRegion

Recall last Saturday's deluge and severe storm whammy.

That Saturday morning when I finished my overnight news shift- there were no clear indications of ANY severe storms or excessive rainfalls for later that day as of 0700 CDT that morning.

Fast forward to this Tuesday morning- Metro K.C. as well as the northern half of the MetroRegion are outlooked by the NWS for "a slight risk" of severe storms later today and tonight.

In addition- there's also a slight risk for excessive rainfalls- mostly western and northern Metro and MetroRegion areas.

If you live in any of the Northland or eastern Jackson county MO areas that was inundated by torrential rains Saturday- be especially on-alert later today for more torrential rainfalls and POSSIBLE flash flooding.

As far as more hurricane-force winds and large hail- stay tuned- I'll let you know if this situation ramps-up with any severe storm watches later today.


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