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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WDAF-TV News Exposes Sleeping KC-MO Water Department Employees

he post's headline probably somewhat explains the situation of a large water main that runs along the west side of Blue Ridge between about 77th Street to just south of the 83rd Street intersection- more on that in a minute.

The good folks at WDAF FOX-4 got a cellphone video from a citizen showing Kansas City MO Water Department employees sleeping on city time in city trucks. 
The FOX-4 story interviews some irate residents in the Guinotte-East Bottoms area where the workers were busted.

Now- back to the Blue Ridge water main.

Leaks and breaks on this main occur at least yearly in that stretch of this main north-south artery and there's an off-road-type road surface to prove it.

Just repaired was a break on both sides of Blue Ridge at 79th Street (the Raytown city limit is about 50 feet east of Blue Ridge to a point where Raytown intersects Blue Ridge just south of 74th Street).

Recent repairs were to a section near 80th Terrace where the roadway dips and bumps- and earlier repairs made to the line around 77th Terrace where there's already a few potholes with the off-road surface.

So I take you to the photos- of the southwest corner of the 83rd Street and Blue Ridge intersection- where a small leak a couple of months ago has turned into a street-covering stream.

The leak WAS reported- and it appears at least some work has occurred at the leak's source.

However unless this leak is fixed soon- it's going to create issues with the roadway on Blue Ridge- ranging from a geiser to a sinkhole like what occurred on Holmes awhile back.

Elected officials need to address this city's infrastructure like last year if they hope to keep large sections of this metropolis livable.


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