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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Independence MO Business Park Will Probably Need Taxpayer-Provided Corporate Welfare

merican citizens seemingly need to get this realization through their heads:

In the 21st Century- MOST businesses will seek taxpayer-financed corporate welfare to build in YOUR city.

I mean- WHY- if I'm a wealthy owner of a corporation- should I spend MY or OUR money to build a new facility when America's politicians are so willing to finance my plans on the backs of taxpayers?

So goes the talk of Independence pollys on a "new" east Indy business park- and the ONLY indication in this EXAMINER feel-good story about taxpayer subsidies is in this paragraph in the story:

"Clayco executives stressed that this is a public-private partnership and said the city has to continue to play an active role – possibly with city money – though Independence City Manager Robert Heacock said it’s too soon to know if financial involvement will be needed or what that would look like."

Meanwhile- these SAME Independence pollys want you residents to increase YOUR sales tax for more police and fire protection.

You get what you (don't) vote for....


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