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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sugar Creek Tries New Revenue Stream: Cameras To Catch Speeders

hat northern Jackson county Missouri community is getting "speeder cameras-" as they are called in the story from The INDEPENDENCE- BLUE SPRINGS- GRAIN VALLEY EXAMINER.

The City of Sugar Creek will employ a St. Louis -area firm- B&W Sensors L.L.C.- to deploy one of their systems where "there is a definite speeding problem" in Sugar Creek- SCPD Chief Herb Soule told The EXAMINER.

There are a few Missouri communities already using this system- and while it HAS raked in some big bucks in fines- it HAS slowed traffic down to mostly legal limits in the areas which the camera/sensor system was most frequently deployed- according to a feature story on the B&W Sensors L.L.C. Web site.


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