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Sunday, April 11, 2010

KC-MO's Country Club Plaza Overrun With Youths Saturday Night

t might have been the closest thing to riot conditions Kansas City's Plaza has ever experienced- according to the story in The KANSAS CITY STAR.

Saturday night while Ms. Rittenhouse and I were enjoying a glorious spring evening at home with a bottle of Menage' a Troi- "hundreds" of young people- apparently mostly black youths- converged on the Plaza.

Reportedly- police used gallons of pepper spray to disperse the crowds and Plaza patrons suffered that too- one person reportedly pepper-sprayed was the husband of a STAR reporter.

There was at least one report of "a serious head injury" patient and at least one "strong-arm robbery" too.

There were also reports of "scattered" property damage.

Who do we blame here? Police? Parents? White people? Black people? The fact there isn't much to do if you're a young adult in the Metro on a weekend night?

Make your own call here- but what happened on The Plaza is one of the reasons we avoid public areas on weekends.


Anonymous said...

Just another way for young african americans to push the genereal populace around and then yell racism. Somebody needs to get a grip on this before it drives stores and people out of that area. I have seen this before and it is not a very promising path. Political correctness.....not on this one. JUST THE TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Kansas City is over – ran buy Goons and Thugs. It is appalling how many times a week you hear about violence in Kansas City. It is not safe to take your children to the Mall’s or Zoo’s.
You are letting your City become the “butt” end of Jokes. You first let your schools fall apart, and now you are letting your children run wild. Your teenagers have more weapons than the military.
They would rather attack an officers of the law, and then complain that they are not being treated equal on TV. And what about their parents? Have they ever heard of MANNERS? Decent people
are taught as children how to behave in public.
What happened to civility and pride, in yourselves and your city???