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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Charges Dropped" in Shady-Sounding Jefferson County KS Drug Bust

onathan or "Jon" Sloan owns Bouncing Bear Botanicals (BBB) on U.S. 59 highway just inside the Jefferson County (JF-CO) line north of Lawrence.

Mr. Sloans' business- " of the largest suppliers of ethnobotanicals in..." America according to the story in The LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD- was raided back in February by federal- state and local law enforcers who seized  "$700,000 in cash from the business and bank accounts and took several items from the warehouse, including thousands of cactus plants and 20 toads" states the LJW.

Jon Sloan was charged with "eight felony drug offenses, including the unlawful manufacture and distribution of controlled substances-" the LJW story states.

Most of the lawpeople's hassle was brought on by the fake-pot "K-2" which BBB supplied to a Lawrence herb store that had also been raided.

On Monday- Sloan was notified by the law that all charges had been dropped.

However- that doesn't mean Jon Sloan gets back the "$700,000 in cash from the business and (personal) bank accounts" as well as the "several items from the warehouse, including thousands of cactus plants and 20 toads-" according to this Web page published to raise help for Mr. Sloan's cause.

The LJW quotes JF-CO attorney Caleb Stegall saying "my office expects to refile charges if they are warranted once the investigation is complete."

Come again Mr. Stegall?

The first-year law student working on the lawsuit against you (since you'll file NO charges in the end) asks then why did you file the charges in the first place before the investigation WAS complete? 

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