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Friday, April 16, 2010

CSW Commentary: Issues With Tea Partiers Are Why NOW and Why THEM?

emonstrations put on by the so-called "Tea Party" across the country yesterday netted total attendances that were probably around 10-percent of the Metro Kansas City population- maybe 200000.

Locally- news helicopter shots of the crowd at the T-Bones baseball stadium near the Kansas Speedway in KC-KS showed the 15000 or so seat stadium less than a quarter full.

Photos courtesy of The BONNER SPRINGS (KS) CHIEFTAIN show the crowd and you'd be hard-pressed to find a non-white- non-middle or greater-aged face in it.

Some of my major problems with this "Tea Party?"


Where WERE these people when the PATRIOT Act was approved?  Lotta loss of freedoms there.

Where WAS this "party" when we got into a senseless- expensive war (invasion actually) with Iraq and then the last Administration started bailing out Wall Street?  Lotta taxpayer money spent there and there.

Funny too- this "Tea Party" rally for less government and taxes held in a city where- two days earlier- the residents approved MORE taxes upon themselves.

My wonderment of timing is more-or-less answered by the current occupant of The White House as well as the speakers I see showing up at these "Tea Party" rallies

Which leads to the Why Them?

The speakers are all upper-income white people- most of them associated with the Republicrat Party and/or FOX (Faux) News- and under the blah-blah-blah of their scripted speeches is a STRONG resentment of having their lily-White House occupied by a- a- a BLACK FAMILY!

It's too bad those same speakers had horrible poker faces when Mr. Obama was elected and tipped their hand to JUST SAY NO!

The Tea Party is at least 5 years late in arriving for me- and the bus they arrived on was filled with undesirables: a  governor who QUIT her office- a small- balding former Republicrat administraction hack and Faux news personalities that make six-figure incomes spewing lies and division.

The Tea Party seems to be a haven for the ultra right-wingers who- in reality- don't know WHO the Hell to be mad at- besides President Obama- the very man who DIDN"T start the mess we're in.

Vote Libertarian or some other VALID 3rd-party if you REALLY want to rock the boat..

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