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Friday, April 16, 2010

Aside From Bad Math- Dream-Plans For Old Bannister Mall Site Continue

The main street going through this abandoned wasteland is pocked with chuck-holes- appropriate since I have called Hillcrest Road 'Chuck Eddy Drive' since Bannister Mall died during that former KC-MO councilman's term.

I'm thinking of renaming that re-name to 'Eddy-Sharp Drive' to include the current ineffective councilman for this area John Sharp.

Jilted by the Wizards soccer team for another city and their corporate welfare give-outs- the former site of Bannister Mall and Walmart's 'Hypermart' gathers weeds- trash and four-legged creatures awaiting promised development by the site's owner Lane 4 Development company.

The JACKSON COUNTY ADVOCATE reports from what was no doubt a press release some bad math- as Lane 4 president Owen Buckley says that "The plan still has three legs to the stool...(the) retail and corporate office ‘legs’ still remain.

Hmmm- that's only 2 legs on a stool.

Also-Buckley says "his development team is working on a new Master Plan for ‘The Trails’ which they will re-submit to the city for TIF purposes by the end of the summer. "

We'll dismiss that corporate hype to the old Missouri saying of "Show Me-" as well as eternally wonder why corporations can't build using their OWN money instead of putting tax burdens on residential and small-business property owners in the form of corporate welfare or TIFs.


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