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Saturday, October 10, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Fatality Hit & Run In Oak Grove-MO

ot too many details yet on this incident that occurred during the 1 o'clock hour Saturday morning.

A man was found apparently struck by a vehicle in Oak Grove in the area of 15th Street & Broadway and was dead-on-arrival of Sni Valley EMS.

The victim had also been decapitated.

The Missouri Highway Patrol was investigating.


Anonymous said...

The information that the victim has been decapitated is a complete lie. Please get your facts confirmed prior to posting such hurtful information. There are people who loved this "victim" that are looking at these stories who are already heartbroken....hearing that the one they love is "decapitated" and then picturing their loved one that way is torturous. Please delete that untrue statement and have more respect for the victim then the chicken shit driver of the car has had up until this point. CPT Rosa, US Army

Capt. Geoffrey Spaulding said...

Well Hey Army-

If this report was "a complete lie" as you say- then the Sni Valley paramedic was "lying" to the hospital physician as well.

I don't LIKE reporting this tragic crap- wish I didn't have to.

I am truly sorry for the victim and his friends and loved ones.

The injury is indeed grotesque- and it illustrates just how fast the moronic driver was going when they struck this poor person.

Like Mertensmeyer's victim that night on Ward Parkway- the rich Mission Hills kid tore the victim's leg off when he hit him.

Sure it wasn't pretty to report- but it gave the reader who wasn't on Ward Parkway after the guy was hit an idea of the speed and force involved in that hit and run.

I COULD doctor up the facts presented like FAUX News does- but then folks MAY want to hear something in the neighborhood of truth...

I'm so sorry for the victim of this incident that I (always) wish I could undo it.

If he had been my friend or brother- I would WANT to know the circumstances in his death- regardless the "ewww" factor of this vehicular homicide or manslaughter.

Thanx for reading...

Anonymous said...

How is reporting that they were decapitated "hurtful?"

EFMBNSN said...

This "tragic crap" that you claim to report is the end of someone's life. The "victim", Eddie Falke, was NOT decapitated. I can attest to this myself. Reporting that the man I love was decapitated is very hurtful...imagine your spouse or significant other coming to rest in that manner. It is not the "ewww" factor, as you so eloquently put it, that is the issue. It's the fact that the person you are in love with would have been put thru such a horrific time. How about you try Helping the family by mentioning that there are no leads or witnesses. Mention that the person that did this to the man I love just left him there alone without so much as a slow down. Mention that Eddie had 2 amazing children that were left behind because of this person and they will never fully know the amazing and selfless person that he was. Take into account that his children may read this and what that might do to them.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the hit and run in Oak Grove, MO?

Capt. Geoffrey Spaulding said...

As far as I know- the perp is still out potentially killing other people.

Anonymous said...

I over heard a guy in a local bar named corey cason who lives at 7th and kiowa in leavenworth ks say that he was the one who was driving during hit and run but he was afraid to stop because he was driving a friends car and that he did not have any insurance and had been drinking.
Not sure if it is true but this is what I heard him say

Anonymous said...

Has this information been provided to the Oak Grove police or TIPs hotline?

Anonymous said...

It has been reported now. Thank you for the tip. Anything is helpful. We are just praying for answers.