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Friday, December 23, 2011

Most Expensive State of Kansas Boondoggle Ever: Repair of The Capitol Building

According to The TOPEKA (KS) CAPITAL JOURNAL- when renovations on the Kansas statehouse began in 2000- the cost was estimated to be around $90-million.

Those renovations were handled by a Kansas City construction company- J.E. Dunn (remember the corporate welfare Dunn got and continue to get for their new headquarters building across from City Hall? ).

As costs ballooned on the interior renovations- now estimated to be around $300-350-million- apparently none of the so-called experts bothered to check the statehouse's roof- one of the FIRST things you'd think that would be inspected before renovations on the interior began.

Recently those so-called experts determined- after these interior repairs are nearly complete- the capitol's dome and roof needs to be replaced.

The TCJ's story says that will add another $20-22-million to this construction boondoggle using taxpayer dollars.

Don't even wager that estimate will be anywhere near the final cost.

Whoever oversees/oversaw this project should- at the very least- be fired and perhaps even be jailed.

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