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Monday, December 19, 2011

Failed Mortgage Lender Gave "VIP" Loans To Washington Politicians

It took Corporate America A LOT of money to get "person" status when it came to (buying) contributing to politician election coffers.

America's "Supreme Court" let the American sheeple down big time there.

Now- according to this piece from the ASSOCIATED PRESS via MyWay News- it seems at least four members of the Fat Cat Club- a.k.a. the American House of (Mis) Representatives received loans from failed mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corporation.

Not JUST loans- these were "VIP" loans with no doubt deeply discounted interest- also no doubt dispensed to those politicians in return for favorable legislation/treatment.

On top of all that- the Republicrat chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (boy- THAT'S a joke in itself!) refused to name the four corruptible bastards!

Countrywide was taken over by another bunch of crooks- Bank of America- which recently tried to increase their faltering financial line by gouging their customers with new fees.

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