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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CSW Weather: Snowstorm Misses Metro K.C.- NWS Snowfall Map

The advertised snowstorm never materialized in Metro Kansas City- with the closest accumulating snows being about 30-50 miles northwest to north of Downtown KC-MO..

The St. Joseph area received about 1-2 inches of snow- with nearly all of it accumulating on grassy surfaces instead of paved ones.

A look at the National Weather Service's accumulated snowfall map zoomed into the Central States supports that observation.

The weather system that produced the snow- and the rains that produced as much as 1.8-inches here in Metro Kansas City (and flood warnings to the south through east) is moving out with all precipitation ending west to east by midnight.

There is another very weak system forecast late Friday in our area- but any snowfalls will be very light and I'll keep you advised on that one.

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