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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Central States News: Rich Wichitian Wants To Drop Cash From A Helicopter

The anonymous person's heart may be in the right place even if their thinking is not...

The WICHITA (KS) EAGLE reports that a person approached a city official seeking that official's opinion about dropping cash from a helicopter in that south-central Kansas city. 

It's apparent that anonymous person has more 'extra' cash than brains- apparently not having so much as an inkling the chaos such an act could cause.

Charitable organizations such as The Salvation Army or Catholic Charities could distribute such a donation in a more sane method- but perhaps Mr. or Ms. Anonymous would get their jollies watching the poor smucks on the ground stampeding over one another to gather a few dollar bills..

At least it's not turkeys they're dropping from a helicopter....

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