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Monday, December 19, 2011

KC-MO Fire: "We're Having Radio Problems Today"

How do you like the $40-million-plus new radio system Kansas City?

A fire dispatcher just told the National Weather Service office here that the FD is "having radio problems today."

Actually- since this "new" radio system went totally online last week- there have been nothing BUT problems.

Not only the FD- but police and EMS crews are experiencing the same types of issues (dead spots- unreceivable radio signals- etc.).

Let us PRAY that these "radio problems" don't end up costing a cop- a paramedic/EMS or firefighter their lives....


The Observer said...

Deja Vue all over again...

Remember when the 800 MHz system was done and the city was filled with deadspots? I used to joke about the "million dollar radio system" all the time--guess inflation means I'll have to upgrade my joke...

I was getting to hear some stuff from Radio Reference but the digital feed has been down since last night.

Phfft!! to all of it.

The Observer

Anonymous said...

You have no idea the issues. It's been a week now and there seems to be MORE issues not less. The radios are bulky, unwieldy, and hard to hear. There's too much traffic on the channels so emergency traffic can't get through.

Groucho K. Marx said...

I'm hip Anon-10:52pm-

Like I stated- it's just a matter of time until someone gets hurt (then the news media in this burg MAY cover it after the fact).

Thanx for your comment and feel free to keep me informed- I'll pass it on here.

Merry Christmas ( U2 T.O. ;) )