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Sunday, July 17, 2011

News Stories This Week That Really Wasted Most Americans' Time

Those stories are (were):

The Casey Anthony trial.

Way- way- WAY too much "news" media attention given to this.

The closing of LA's 405 Freeway.

Unless you LIVE in or were TRAVELLING to Southern California- WTF cared???

Harry Potter.

Sorry- I don't live in a pop-culture bubble but I've never seen ANY of the Harry Potter flicks and resent the way valuable news time has been devoted to a fantasy motion picture.

The impending American debt crisis.

Not enough time is being devoted to this looming disaster- except for the nauseating talking heads.

America's politicians are playing a game of chicken with the American economy so fellow citizens- next election vote in those same lame and lamest Republicrats and Demoblicans! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA damn we think to much alike.

And traffic jam in LA sure as hell isn't news.

Harry Who!!!!!!!! Just goes to prove kids can still make mom and dad spend money.

As for Casey Anthony very sad deal all the way around. But one has to stop and think about who the people that so hate Casey really need to be pissed at. Bu the media turned it into the circus it was and in my book created the out come.

Wait we forgot about Two Buck Upchuck wine at Trader Joe's where no need to buy anything just go in three times a day and sample your dinner.