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Sunday, July 17, 2011

CSW Commentary: Murdock's Corrupt News Corporation Makes Lockout of FAUX News Channel Easy

Since early in the Bush Administration- I have locked FOX (FAUX) News out of my TV's channel rotation.

Except for breaking spot news- I won't watch FAUX News for anything- and the developing scandal with Rupert Murdock's News Corporation make that seem a really intelligent move on my part.

No big loss here- for I get 95% of my news online- but you can rail; all you want about those so-called "liberal news" channels CNN and MSNBC then tell me how THOSE news organizations have broken laws.

To be fair- I don't care for ANY corporate newscasts these days- be they national or local- as many stories seem to not address with any depth the real troubles and concerns in America right now.

But you can rest assured that anything FAUX News says I'll take with a grain of salt....

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Anonymous said...

Any broadcasted news agencies story is never day in and day out about the news it's all about the advertising dollars and the awards they can reap and brag about.

They all are the same way and love how the other broadcasters leap on another organization when something foul happens when in short they are all guilty of crappy news and breaking the laws to do so.