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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missouri River Flood of 2011: Video- As Waters Recede- Railroad Works To Restore Mainline

Once again- the pilot from Barnes Realty in Northwest Missouri has taken to the air to give us a HiDef video progress report of flooding along the Missouri River.

A video taken nearly a month ago showed workers from the Burlington-Northern railroad trying frantically to raise the tracks on their Kansas City-Omaha mainline to keep them above the waters from the rising Missouri.
Looking more like a partially-submerged causeway across Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana than a rail line in the Missouri River Valley in northwest Missouri- the latest video shows crews now trying to repair damage caused by the flood- thousands of yards of washed-out rail bed- and construction of a new bridge.

Many thanks again to BarnesRealty on YouTube!

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Anonymous said...

Be years rebuilding from all this flooding