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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bungled Ted White Case Costs Lee's Summit Citizens More Than $15-Million

Ted White is a former Lee's Summit MO resident who was wrongly jailed by the Lee's Summit Police department that CSW has blogged about on several occasions- and now the city (taxpayers) are going to pay for the royal screw-up.

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that Lee's Summit officials have decided to pay $15.5-million to settle a lawsuit Ted White brought against that southern Jackson county city.

No word yet- after all these years- if ANY charges will be brought against the former LSPD detective that conspired with Mr. White's ex-wife to get Ted White wrongly accused and inprisoned.


Anonymous said...

Well the former detective needs to be charged as well as he needs to have to pay back a hge chunk of this money to the city. He needs to suffer the rest of his working life for what he did.

Groucho K. Marx said...

I don't understand how the police chief of Lee's Summit keeps his job through all of this!