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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Central States News: Oklahoma City Cops Arrest Youths Before Curfew

First off- I want to say a few things about American laws and those who are sworn to uphold them...

My first big hit respecting American law came in 1974 when an obviously criminal President of the United States got off scot-free.

Gee- that said a lot to the REST of us about upholding and respecting the law  didn't it?

Then I started working in public safety about a year later and that lasted about a decade and I won't lie a bit when I tell you I was GLAD to get OUT of that for all the wrong-doing and corruption I witnessed first-hand.

So now the headline story- where Oklahoma City cops arrested an unconnected group of teenagers in front of an OKC movie house for curfew violations- according to the OKC OKLAHOMAN.

The only trouble with those arrests is that they came 15-20 minutes BEFORE the curfew actually went into effect and that more than a few of those teens who were arrested were either waiting for rides or their own parents to bring the car around from where it was parked..

Can we all say "L-a-w-s-u-i-t" for false arrest?

I'll bet the wrongly-arrested youths will have LOTS of respect in the future for laws and those who uphold them.


Superdave said...

Mean while 40 really drunk drivers went by and 6 cars stolen or some insane numbers as they jack with some kids doing nothing wrong.

Groucho K. Marx said...

My thinking was SD- IF the cops had approached this incident with a FRIENDLIER attitude- much if not all this mess could well have been avoided!