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Saturday, July 30, 2011

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Police Involved in Crash During Car Chase

Minutes ago at 5:12 p.m.- KC-MO Police were involved in a crash requiring extrication after a pursuit of a suspect vehicle containing at least 2 occupants in east Midtown.

The crash is in the 3000 block of East 21st Street.

Right before police announced the crash and asked for fire and EMS response- a radio transmission came across with some person in obvious agony.

Fire department crews and EMS are just arriving on the scene.

Two female officers in the crashed patrol cars- a "34-year-old" and "a 35-year-old" according to KC-MO FD-EMS No. 18- were transported non-emergency to a Northland medical trauma center with not life-threatening injuries.

It's believed the suspect(s) in the vehilce that was being chased by police were caught and taken into custody.


Anonymous said...

So it appears one patrol car hit another patrol car all the more reason to not have more than two cars chasing someone and proves someone or several someones wasn't watching their intersections.

It could have been a car full of kids that was hit.

The Observer said...

I remember while in EMT training they told us to be careful of other emergency vehicles coming to the same incident, to clear each intersection, and to beware of siren hypnosis.

This is why.