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Sunday, July 24, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Bicyclist Critically-Injured in KC-MO

A crash occurred around 3:45 a.m. Sunday morning at 12th Street and Norton.

The collision was reported to be between a car and a bicyclist- according to fire and EMS reports.

The "22-year-old male" cyclist was taken to Truman Med Center-Hospital Hill with critical head and other injuries by KC-MO fire department EMS.

No word if the motorist was charged by police.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I’m not going to point a finger at either one of the parties in this incident and say who did what but a growing concern is taking place in this area that is getting scary and surprised we don’t see and hear more of these type accidents.

I am more than willing to share the road with the bicycle riders as long as they want to share in return and follow the same rules I have to while operating a motor vehicle. And why they feel the need to ride roads I really don’t like to drive a vehicle down due to it being narrow, hills along with major blind spots is beyond me. It is to the point anymore on this road when I come to a hill crest I slow to app 20 mph or less due to the fact a bicycle rider might be coming up the other side or many, someone is tired of following them and is trying to pass in a blind spot or the riders themselves are left of center. You can literally have to follow a bicycle for miles at spends slower than a farm tractor who as a rule will pull over at cross roads and let you by. Not all of them but a lot do.

I hate to say we need more rules pertaining to this but if the bicycle riders don’t start using a little common sense that’s just what might start happening. I off and on hear people griping about the way bike riders spread out over the roads and run stop signs as well as traffic lights.

The other major issue I see is those who ride at night wearing black or dark clothing and have a tiny little light or maybe a flashing light you can see if you happen to be on the same plane as the light is. A motorcycle has to ride with lights on all the time and a bicycle should have to do the same thing and they should be lights and reflectors that meet DOT standards for brightness. And as well they should be required to wear solid fluorescent something shirts that can be seen.

Just my two cents worth I don’t hate bicycles or the riders I have a bike I ride in my area as well and enjoy it very much I just stay off high speed roads and hate to see or hear of a bicycle rider being hit when in fact might have been the bike riders fault for not being safe and using common sense with their ride.