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Monday, May 23, 2011

Public Safety Dispatch Audio of The Joplin Tornado of May 22

The audio provider- "firefighterdispatch-" states the audio is edited (likely the silence between transmissions edited out).

The entire recording is a bit more than 36 minutes.

This is quite dramatic if you've ever listened to police/fire/EMS scanner radios- many thanx to firefighterdispatch on YouTube



Anonymous said...

I have been listening to Jasper County Agency's on scanner since yesterday evening have to say all in all sounds like they did a decent job getting things taken care of.

The Observer said...

I'm only half way thru--I am amazed they are not screaming for the world to come help--they actually had to think about calling the community with the "heavy rescue"!

And of course, how calm everybody is!

Anonymous said...

Well some say we in the midwest have no class but we do know how to deal with issues without whinning about it.

We just buckle down and clean it up and start again.