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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CSW WEATHER: New Tornado Watch Includes Topeka- Lawrence- Ottawa and Emporia KS

I'm assuming before the SPC evacuated their office that they issued Tornado Watch No. 362 which includes much of eastern Kansas except that tier of KS counties next to the Missouri border.

This watch also includes the tier of Nebraska counties next to the KS and MO borders.

TW-362 is valid until midnight.


Anonymous said...

Well I'd almost say watch will include us before it's over but then again I may be wrong.

There is a cell By Emporia that based on NOAA radar has decent rotation as a whole to it but then again NOAA radar acting up again tonight when I try and watch it from Topeka's radar.

Anonymous said...

Well I called that right watch 363 covers us till 0300 wednesday