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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CSW WEATHER: A High Risk of Severe Storms- Tornadoes Next 24 Hours Over The Central States

There have been close to 500 tornado deaths across America so far in 2011.

I hope my fellow citizens- especially those who tend to 'blow-off' tornado warnings- take note of that as today portends to be a day of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes across the Central United States.

A "high risk" of severe weather of all modes is forecasted by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman OK today for parts of Kansas (KS)- Oklahoma (OK)- as well as extreme southwestern Missouri (MO) and northwestern Arkansas (AR).

A "moderate risk" area surrounds the high risk area- and that covers other parts of KS- OK- AR and MO- including Metro Kansas City.

A "slight risk" of severe storms extends northward into Iowa (IA) and Nebraska (NE)- and covers the rest of KS- MO- most of OK and AR..

Currently- there are severe thunderstorms in central KS- and they are making their way eastward toward the K.C. MetroRegion.

A severe thunderstorm watch- Number 353- is currently in effect for areas generally west of U.S. 75 highway- Topeka is NOT included- but Emporia and Wichita IS included until 2 p.m. this Tuesday afternoon.

I don't expect any severe storms in the K.C. area until mid to late afternoon and showers and thundershowers currently developing west and southwest of Metro K.C. MAY lessen the severe risk later today.

CSW will post the latest severe weather watches as they are issued by the SPC- as well as any significant tornado touchdowns/information/graphics that occur in the Central States.

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