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Saturday, May 28, 2011

CSW Weather: NWS-SPC- "Slight" Chance of Severe Storms- Tornadoes Later Today in Kansas City MetroRegion

A warm front (yay!) is supposed to lift north across our area later today and with it comes the "slight" risk of severe thunderstorms and all modes of severe weather.

All of MetroRegion K.C. is included in this risk area that was issued early Saturday morning by the NWS' Storm Prediction Center- all except far northwestern portions of Missouri and southeastern Nebraska that is.

The risk of tornadoes is fairly small- "5-percent-" but that risk extends from the Metro K.C. area eastward into Illinois.

Please stay alert to rapidly changing weather conditions today- especially this afternoon and evening- and ANY severe weather watches affecting the MetroRegion will be posted here at CSW.



Anonymous said...

And 90 degree temps to follow isn't something I want to go yay about.

Anonymous said...

Can you FedEx me some ruby slippers? This wearer is crazy!
little one

Groucho K. Marx said...

Superdave: I'm ready for a 90-degree hit 'cause I've been chilly the past 2 days!

As long as that 90 don't hang around long that is! ;)

Anon(heh)- the ruby slippers are ordered and enroute.

It's the very least I can do is to watch the WX- which is one of the few things I'm any good at.... ;)

Anonymous said...

You make a GREAT DAD!
little one