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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Local Bloggers Go To Joplin To Counter Satanists

Satanists? you ask...

Well yeah- tis what I and hundreds of thousands of others consider than band of inbreds from Topeka (no need to mention their actual names now is there?).

Local blogger Hip Suburban White Guy and friend made a trip to tornado-devastated Joplin MO over the Memorial Day weekend to participate in the "Heartland Peace Rally."

Those Satanists were also scheduled to attend the rally- but for whatever reason (I like the ones HSWG posted)- the Satanists never showed up.

Regardless- the Hipster (my tag for HSWG) posted some good damage photos if- like me- you're never tired of seeing what the incredible power an EF-5 tornado can do to an American city.

Oh- GOD BLESS all the folks that made it to Joplin to counter-protest the Satanists!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had to check out HSWG interesting stuff no doubt.

Besides anyone who can't stand WBC is a friend in my book.