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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The KANSAS CITY STAR Doesn't Believe in Free Speech

Virtually every day- I read dozens of Central States newspaper Websites to find stories that might be of some interest to you readers.

Many of those Websites allow for comments/discussions of the stories found there- and those that do almost always allow readers to post their comments on EVERY story.

On The STAR's Website- you may or may not be allowed to post a comment on a story- which in all fairness is their right since they own/operate the site.

I MIGHT be able to understand not allowing comments on stories involving dead people- but a recent story reporting the head of The STAR- Mark Zieman- taking a corporate position with the owner of the newspaper didn't allow anyone to post their opinion.

Maybe the few staffers left at The STAR were afraid of what many of their readers might say about the departing Zieman and what The STAR itself had become during his tenure.

Although I don't actually own this CSW site- I operate it- and I allow comments on every article that is posted.

Although I WILL delete or dis-allow comments that are obviously spam- I trust people commenting on posts that even regard dead people will be mature and sensible- for to me the notion of free speech rules here.

But even if not- I'm not nor do I try to be Mr. Censorship.

To be fair- I even envision that free speech is important to The KANSAS CITY STAR too- but it seems so ONLY when it suits them.

So if you're ever confronted by a STAR staffer wanting a comment on something- feel free to do as they do- comment or simply tell them the comments are closed on your story.

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