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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where are Washington Pollys Regarding Oil Speculators?

Once again- unregulated speculation on oil has driven fuel prices through the roof- and all we hear out of America's politicians are cutting programs (Medicare- etc.) that benefit many poor Americans.

Yes- I say poor Americans because each and every one of us is being cut off at our financial knees daily.

Oil fuels the rise of prices on EVERYTHING- have you seen food prices lately?

There is absolutely NO talk of regulating the oil speculators- there is absolutely NO talk of cutting representatives and senators excessive pay and benefits- absolutely NO talk of cutting the budgets of America's military-industrial complex.

The ONLY talk is cutting women's rights to their bodies- and so-called entitlement programs (Medicare- Social Security- etc) that many Americans have payed into all their working lives.

Maybe if Washington's politicians threatened American sports or entertainment then the American sheeple would actually get aroused to DO something...

Even that is doubtful.


Anonymous said...

They say slavery was abolished back in the mid 1800 by President Lincoln. Somewhere along the line a President not a recent one by any means so you Bush haters take a seat. A President and the Congress allowed themselves to be bought and paid for by “Corporate America” who now owns each and every one of us just as people was owned 160 plus years ago.

What really takes my breath away is the fact that Americans for the most part are too stupid to realize this. Oh so I am saying Americans are stupid? You’re damn right I am saying it. Look at the dwindling numbers of voters who turn out to vote. Look at the way people are being taxed and getting nothing in return for it and just shaking their heads and doing nothing about it. I know about a government employee who spent yesterday following a facebook rant rather than doing what we taxpayers pay him to do. Americans care more about their reality crap TV shows than their children’s education. They care more about hitting the casinos rather than putting that money into savings for their children’s education or for their retirement. They care more about keeping up with the status quo while riding the edge of bankruptcy than providing a stable home for their family.

No Americans have nobody but themselves to blame for this mess we are in. To stand around and whine and bitch about the POS President in office is being in denial of who is really to blame. Out great-great grandfathers and all the way up to our fathers and mothers as well are to blame for this.

So hate those high gas prices? Does taking out a second mortgage to go to the store scare you? Then get up off your deadbeat ass and do something about it. Get with your neighbors and your friends get starting rebuilding America. There are some of us who really are trying but it will take everyone or it won’t happen.

If that is something you do not want to do that is ok. Just want it known I don’t what to hear a damn thing from you when you no longer can afford to live.

Groucho K. Marx said...


You forgot to add that when the sheeple DO vote- they vote in the SAME 2 parties that have been screwing this pooch we call America for more than half a century!

Same parties- same results!

PPl just DON'T GET IT SD...

Anonymous said...

No they don’t get it.

You know a top TV personality in this town went into a public form today and supported a government employee that he knows as being a good guy. Why do you ask?

I think to cover for the fact his friend was in a public form during taxpayer funded work hours instead of doing his job. People or the sheeple buy into this because oh well so and so who is on TV says it’s ok to waste taxpayers money. So if public figures support it the sheeple will follow.

Nope people can whine and debate about everything but the real issues.

What they cannot do is admit they are the ones and are a part of the ones to blame for what is happening today.