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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

America- CSW- Honors Kansas' Bob Dole

Few Republicrats in the late 20th Century actually transcends The Party of Nixon- and Bob Dole is one of them.

Mr. Dole was honored Tuesday in a ceremony at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.- according to this story in the TOPEKA (KS) CAPITAL-JOURNAL.

Senator Dole was badly wounded in World War II- yet overcame his injuries to serve almost 3 decades as a Representative- then Senator from the State of Kansas.

Mr. Dole ran for president in 1996- but lost that bid to Bill Clinton.

Bob Dole is a decent- honest man who served his state and country with honor and dignity- and a CSW salute goes out to The Man from Russell.

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Anonymous said...

Bob Dole was a good man and I liked him.