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Thursday, April 14, 2011

CSW Weather: Tornado Watches From Kansas-Nebraska Border to Northern Texas

There are 2 Tornado Watches- valid until 9 p.m. in Kansas- and 10 p.m. in Oklahoma and Texas.

The Kansas watch is No. 134- the other watch in Oklahoma and Texas is No. 135 and that watch is a "particularily dangerous situation" in that strong and long-track tornadoes are possible.

Virtually the entire eastern half of Oklahoma is in TW-135.

The only Kansas cities in the Kansas City MetroRegion included thus far in Tornado Watch-134 are Burlington and Emporia and southward.

Thus far- the only thunderstorms- a few of those severe- are generally along the KS-NE border north and northwest of Concordia.

Thunderstorms aren't expected in Metro Kansas City until toward dusk.

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