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Friday, March 18, 2011

Unemployment- NAFTA Hits The North Pole

Was turned on to this by a Canadian friend- I LOVE IT!


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Anonymous said...

Being as I am unemployed and more or less feeling not wanted from all the jobs I have applied to I can sure relate to the elf’s issues.

Not had a resume torn up in my face yet but after being offered $8.00 an hour for very demanding job I felt like tearing mine up in the employee seekers face.

I sometimes feel that employers right now feel like they have employees between a rock and a hard spot. A friend told me the other day his company posted a profit last year are ahead so far this year from this time last year and they are asking employees to take a twelve percent pay cut or face possible lay off. Far as my friend knew nobody has had a pay raise in 3 years. They are told times are tough no extra money.

I am not demanding to be paid a hundred thousand a year with loads of benefits. Just like to be treated with some respect and paid enough to live on without having to resort to pitching a tent in a vacant lot somewhere.

It is a very strange time right now. Where will it end I have no idea.