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Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day KC-MO Police Checkpoint Nails 63 People

Of those 63 arrested- 41 were actually charged with driving under the influence at the checkpoint set up late St. Patrick's Day at 39th Terrace and Southwest Trafficway.

The 22 others were nailed for things like improper licenses- various violations- outstanding warrants- possession of marijuana- "interfering with a municipal charge(??)" and even one person assaulting a police officer.

Be GLAD I am not a Supreme Court justice- for as much as I DETEST drunk drivers- I like police checkpoints in our allegedly "free" country even less....

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Anonymous said...

You know I have went through a check point two times in my life. Once was after a bank robbery in a Miami county bank and the highway patrol had a check point set up out on the highway and it was a very quick stop looked at me and glance inside real quick very courteous and sorry for having to bother me type talk.

Couple of years later same highway going home from helping a friend rehab a rental property and having dinner with same I see flares along the road ahead moving traffic off the highway to the exit ramp. My first thoughts are bad wreck or such up ahead then I can see cars getting back on the highway so lo and behold it’s a drunk driver checkpoint.

After approximately fifteen minutes and cars are now backing out onto the highway I come up to the officer of the county I happened to be in and he tells me this is a sobriety check point. I’m like ok and he starts asking me if I had been drinking, where I had been, who I had been with, and where was I going? Well at this point I was semi pissed off. I said no I had not been drinking and other than that was none of his business where or what anything. Well they made me pull over and I was told I had to blow since I was under suspicion of drunk driving. I blew their machine and is was negative as I knew it would be and had my license ran and the other officer said I was cleared to go. I told him this was horsecrap and piss poor representation of what real police work is suppose to be about.

I hate drunk drivers as well and want them off the roads the same as anyone else. I hate check points as well because they are abused. A simple have you been drinking will do the trick a look at the face and the breath will answer that question and on you should be allowed to go.

What is the real answer for controlling drunk driving, I have no idea for sure. Maybe tougher fines and real community service in the hundreds of hours.