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Friday, March 18, 2011

CSW Weather: NWS' National Weather Outlook For April 2011

The April weather outlook for the Kansas City MetroRegion in a nutshell: near to slightly below-average temperatures and an equal chance of average precipitation.

Average highs for Kansas City in April are around 65-degrees- average lows are around 55-degrees.

K.C.'s average April precipitation is 3.38-inches.

Across the Central States- a wide variance of both temperatures and precipitation are expected in April of 2011.

Slightly above-average temperatures are possible from northwestern Kansas into southern Oklahoma.

Slightly below-average temps are forecasted from northwestern Nebraska- all of Iowa- into east-central Missouri.

Precipitation-wise- slightly above-average amounts are predicted from  northern Iowa into extreme eastern Missouri.

Slightly below to below-average precip is forecast across the western 2/3 of Kansas- southern Nebraska and northwestern Oklahoma.

Near-average to average temperatures and precipitation are expected in any areas not otherwise mentioned.

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