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Friday, September 03, 2010

Kansas City MO Asked For $3.6-Million To Replace Liberty Intersection

ranted- the I-35 intersection with Missouri (M) 291 in Liberty is in bad need of a make-over.

Trouble is- the City of Liberty doesn't want to shoulder the whole $7.2-million cost- and wants KC-MO to "share" that burden.

KC-MO is already badly-strapped for cash- with MANY infrastructure/road repair/replacement projects lined-up for that city's decreasing revenue  (see KC LIVE payments and Leaky KC-MO Water Mains posts here on CSW).

However- according to The LIBERTY TRIBUNE- KC-MO Clowncilpersons Bill Skaggs and the-clowncilperson-who-would-LOVE-to-be-KC-MO's-next-corporate-darling-mayor- Deb Hermann "appear to be on-board (approving)" with financing this project to the tune of $3.6 million.

How about using some of that seemingly-available $3.6-million for redistricting- a new asphalt overlay on water-main-repair potmarked Blue Ridge Extention and/or FINISHING the 87th Street at Interstate 435 mess?


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