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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pursuit- Two KC-MO Shooting Victims Begins Labor Day Weekend

ere's some of what happened around the Metro to the best of my knowledge Saturday morning...

I came on-duty at midnight to a slow-speed vehicle pursuit going on in the Mid to Downtown areas of KC-MO.. The police helicopter was above the suspect vehicle the whole time as the cops in their cars just held-back a block or two on either side of the chase.

The pursuit finally ended about 12:25 a.m. near 27th Street and Gilliam when the suspect driver realized he wasn't going very far very fast on 4 police-spiked and flattened tires.

It wasn't until around 3:15 a.m. when the Guns of Kansas City began blazing...

That's when KC-MO Center Zone cops themselves heard and also received civilian reports of gunshots in the area of Main from 35th Street to Westport Road.

A few minutes later- a male showed up in the 3600 block of Main with a reported gunshot wound to his back.

The victim should live with his injury- but there wasn't any suspect info.

The only other shooting victim heard about Saturday morning had been reported as being in "critical" condition at the hospital where she had been taken.

That incident was reported just before 4: 45 a.m. when a "Hispanic female" who had been "shot in the stomach" had been brought to Truman Med Center on Hospital Hill.

A report from Truman Med Center security stated that the female had been shot "in the Power & Light area."

Police had no other "official" information on this victim or circumstances.

Check in here tomorrow morning to read who did what to whom overnight tonight.... 


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