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Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Professional Sports Lost Me As A "Fan"

turn  you to a story in Monday morning's KANSAS CITY STAR- where Jackson County pollys are nervous about Kansas City MO's $2-million contribution to the Truman Sports Complex- i.e. the corporately-owned pro sports teams the Royals and the Chiefs.

In that story- it tells of KC-MO officials wanting to make up that $2-mil in special fees and/or taxes on tickets and other stadium concessions- yet the SAME pro sports teams and their respective leagues saying NO to in-stadium fees or taxes.

In other words- your Royals and your Chiefs and their exclusive country club leagues want their taxpayer-welfare to come from EVERYBODY- including non-fans and (the increasing number of) poor people.

Frankly- I'm sick and tired of these professional sports teams getting a DIME of taxpayer monies to subsidize their player salaries and owners' lavish lifestyles.

I'm sick and tired of exhorbitant parking- ticket and concession prices at these taxpayer-supported pro sports playpens.

These attitudes by pro sports corporations- not to mention the occasional strikes by their high-priced employees and shitty performances on the field- have COMPLETELY turned me off to pro sports.

To the Kansas City MO clowncilpersons that approved sending that $2-million to support corporate sports teams: I hope the lot of you is swallowed up in one of KC's daily water main breaks.

Then those clowncil people could TRULY 'drown in their own incompetence' alone instead of taking a whole city down with them.

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