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Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Story About The GOOD Cops

Too often we hear of stuff bad cops do- but those types of individuals are in a small minority among the police forces of America.

Case in point: a letter to the editorial page of the KANSAS CITY STAR this Thursday morning from a "Pam Christianson" of "Kansas City."

Ms. Christianson tells her story of recently being "robbed" and Maced by "two teenage girls" as the woman was returning home from work.

Christianson says the police came and took her report and soon arrested the suspects.

Not only that- but Ms. Christianson says officers saw her old window air conditioner at her house- and those police officers returned with a BRAND NEW window air conditioner and installed it for her! 

So remember- while there ARE corrupt individuals in ANY profession- the vast majority of those persons just want to do the right and honorable thing for the citizens they're hired to protect.


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