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Thursday, August 05, 2010

CSW Editorial: November Showdown on Earnings Tax Will Keep Heat on KC-MO 'Clowncil' Priorties

Kansas City MO's water and sewer lines are breaking almost daily.

KC roads are in horrible shape.

KC's crime rate chases potential residents away.

Yet- we have hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to put into new arenas- rebuild corporate sports stadiums and build new areas for people to get wasted in (KC Live).

Kansas City MO's City "Clowncil" can't get their priorities straight whether to spend money on glitzy projects or wisely spend money to improve the city's day to day infrastructure.

So many ask- why give that Clowncil any MORE money to blow?

In November- Missouri voters will get to vote on the earnings tax in Kansas City and St. Louis.

I'm hearing an increasing number of voters say that they plan to disallow a continuation of that taxation without representation- just to show corporate-friendly Missouri politicians how disgusted they are with continued welfare given to corporate interests while the same pollys want to increase taxes and fees to make up the difference.

CSW will be watching closely over the next few months just how Kansas City pollys dole out those shrinking taxpayer dollars (bet you don't hear A THING until after November about any taxpayer-subsidized KC convention hotel).

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