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Saturday, August 07, 2010

One Dead- 3 Critical After Early Saturday Morning Shootings in KC-MO

he self-genocide of the Kansas City MO African-American population continues...

Four scenes from east-central to south-central Kansas City have been combed by police investigators where one person was killed and at least 3 others critically-injured.

The homicide scene is in the 2600 block of Poplar and that call came in about 1:45 a.m..

There are yet no details on a victim nor any possible suspects.

Less than 10 minutes later- a shooting was reported at 69th Street and Brooklyn.

There police and EMS found a male who had been shot in his mouth and neck.

His condition was critical as he was rushed to a Metro hospital and again there was no suspect information.

Then around 2:35 a.m.- it is reported there are suspects in 2 cars shooting at each other in the 8600 block of Troost.

One man is badly hurt when he's hit by a vehicle at 8625 Troost- and a friend rushes him to the nearest hospital where the Brooklyn victim went.

At 2:40 a.m. comes reports of a shooting with a car "crashed into a building" in the 7500 block of Troost.

That scene yields 2 males- ages 19 and 21- who suffer critical gunshot wounds as well as the injuries of their crashing into the building.

One of them is taken to that Metro hospital- which closes to anymore trauma patients for several hours.

Detectives are too busy to give CSW any details on any of these incidents yet.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News for details on these incidents...


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