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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Central States News: Emporia KS Fair Board Says "No Changes" After Fatal Crash

ast Saturday evening- a 17-year-old Shawnee KS teen was killed in Emporia during a 'mud-a-thon' competetion at the Lyon County Fair.

Hannah Deaver was killed when one of the trucks taking part in the event lost control and crashed atop the back of a pickup truck where Ms. Deaver was sitting.

(Photo courtesy of The EMPORIA (KS) GAZETTE)

Another young woman was also injured in the crash and- unrelated to the crash- a 19-month-old male toddler fell "10 to 12 feet" from the fair's grandstand shortly after the crash occurred.

On Monday- the Lyon county fair board of directors said there wouldn't be any changes in admissions or viewing areas open to the public- until NEXT year.

I imagine changing those things NOW- after this fatality crash- would be saying the fair's officials/decisions were wrong and put the blame of the fatality crash squarely in the fair board's pocket.

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