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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kohls' Announces 260 (Mostly Minimum-Wage) Jobs in Metro Kansas City

esterday- a local department store- Kohl's- announced they will have 260 new jobs at their new stores in Blue Springs MO and Kansas City KS..

The KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL says Kohl's will open the 2 new stores in September- bringing the number of Kohl's outlets in Metro Kansas City to 12 stores.

The KCBJ states the new jobs will be "associates for customer service, department service, cash register operation, early-morning stocking, truck unloading, housekeeping and evening signage/pricing updates."

Anybody who has ever worked in retail knows that these "new" jobs will be paid mostly minimum- non-life-supporting wages.

Good luck!


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