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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Two Dead- 50 Injured in School Bus- Car and Semi-Truck Crash Near St. Louis

Two school busses filled with band members from a St. James high school near St. Louis MO have been involved in a crash that has left 2 people dead and more than 4 dozen injured.

(Images courtesy of KMOV-TV4 "SkyZoom")

The ST. LOUIS (MO) POST-DISPATCH reports that the 2 busses were on I-44 near Gray Summit and enroute to the Six Flags amusement park near Eureka when a vehicle crashed into the back of a "bobtail" or semi-truck tractor unit that had slowed for construction.

Then one of the busses hit the car and went over it onto the back of the truck tractor while the second bus hit the back of the first bus.

The driver of the vehicle that was crushed by the first bus was dead at the scene as well as one of the students on the bus that crushed the vehicle.

At least 50 occupants of the busses including the truck-tractor driver were injured.


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