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Monday, August 16, 2010

KC-MO Officials Stop At Nothing To Halt E-Tax Vote

In case you were wondering as I was who filed the lawsuit to stop the citizen-initiative vote on the earnings tax in Kansas City and St. Louis- it was the city attorney Galen Beaufort with an assist from a local AFL-CIO labor official- Pat Dujakovich says The KANSAS CITY STAR.

With support of course from Mayor Funkhouser and the rest of the City "Clowncil."

Of course I thought the lawsuit was frivolous- but Clowncilman Ed Ford- one of the corporate welfare kings on the Clowncil told The STAR the lawsuit “(Is) not frivolous by any means.”

Oh no.  Trying to take away a basic American freedom of redressing it's government(s) is not frivolous in the least.


Clowncilman Ford would probably approve a name-change for America too- to the United Corporate States of America for Ford knows which side his bread is buttered on- and it's NOT the citizens' side.

If the Cole county judge throws out the citizen petitions to hold the election on that unpopular tax- then America as we know it has completely left the building.

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