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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Budget-breaking New "Driveway Tax" Conjured Up By Mission KS Pollys

mmm- how can I further tax the people? said the Mission city council and then they count the ways...

This newest strain on The People is called "a driveway tax."  The amount of tax is determined on the traffic coming and going from Mission driveways.

Don't own a car but have a driveway?  No problem- Mission will STILL tax you.

The KANSAS CITY STAR calls this new tax passed by Mission KS pollys "groundbreaking."

I call the tax "budget-breaking-" as in how many more new/increased taxes can a person on say a fixed income- can bear?

This governmental tax-raising frenzy is absolutely nuts- the total financial destruction of the American "middle-class" as we once knew it.


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