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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday's KC-MO Triple Homicide Gets National Press

It's the kind of national press no burg wants- the killing of 3 men in a Linwood Boulevard apartment building Sunday afternoon has made national headlines too (link is to a Seattle WA online newspaper).

Like to see what kind of dance Mayor James and the Clowncil is going to do on this one- we're past 80 killings in KC-MO this year and it's not even autumn.

Also in related news of bad K.C. press- was what was billed as a football game yesterday that put into perspective just how lousy our "pro" teams really are.

The baseball team?  Sportscasters were actually celebrating the fact that the Royals wouldn't end up in last place (no playoffs in sight however).

This is good time to plan other- cheaper family activities on Sundays- and quit supporting the Hunt and Glass family's hobbies of "running(?)" pro sports teams.


Anonymous said...

I tell all these idiots who claim to be Chiefs fans if they want to see change in that team best way to get it is to stop going to the games. When the Hunts look out and see an empty stadium and see all the mail from the fans saying fix this team or see an empty stadium it's your call. NFL will no want cameras at a game showing an empty stadium and as well will push the Hunts to do something. But long as you idiot fans go out there and give them your money they feel no real presure to do something.

Anonymous said...

Well add three more to the total for 6 deaths in two days.

It's a war zone out there wait we are in two war zones now and had no deaths the past two days in them.

Maybe it is now becomeing safer for the residents in Kansas City to be in the armed services and in a war zone than to be at home?